Goals for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

2016-05-17(3)Based on our philosophy, we believe that children develop naturally. Recent research has shown that the preschool years offer significant opportunities for children to develop specific skills and talents. In order for children to grow to their fullest potential, we feel that adults can aid children by providing an environment that will enhance, encourage and nurture their development. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways by identifying a child’s needs and matching those needs to materials and experiences that will stimulate his/her growth. With this in mind, we have developed the following goals for the children in our center.

• Children are cared for in a safe and nurturing environment

• We will provide the children with an enriched environment that meets the physical and emotional needs of each individual child, an appropriately stimulating environment that further enhances the child’s social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development (SPICE) and aid in the development of autonomy, competence, and self-esteem.

• Children are exposed to a wide variety of activities that facilitate the construction of knowledge. Open-ended materials are provided, whenever possible, to encourage continued growth in all areas of development.

• Children are encouraged to act independently in their explorations of materials and performance of activities. Gentle guidance is provided to keep children safe and to promote essential success in their new adventures.

• Tasks and activities that are developmentally and age appropriate are provided. This is based on an assessment of each individual child’s specific needs.

• Children are exposed to a language-rich environment expanding their language development.

• Children are presented with challenging situations to encourage problem solving but minimize frustration.