Infant Program

2016-05-17(4)Infant Program 

We believe each infant has his/her own schedule. Therefore, our infant program is designed around this concept. Their day includes napping, eating, quiet play, gym time, and outside time.

A primary caregiver provides for changing, feeding, cuddling, and nurturing. An early childhood professional will plan for each child individually, to ensure their needs are being met. By combining a family-type experience and a group experience will have the best of both worlds.

The curriculum of an infant program is developing a relationship with a responsive and nurturing caregiver who will provide infants with a wide variety of activities and experiences that will enable them to develop new skills and learn more about their world. The infant room is divided into a few small centers:

Rattle Corner:

  • This helps infants gain physical mastery with manipulative materials and also provides them with additional sensory stimulation and perceptual experiences.

• Reaching Corner:

  • This area of the room might contain mobiles, objects suspended on yearn and playthings attached to the wall. Through successful reaching, the infants can then bring other aspects of the environment under control.

Manipulative/Sensory Corner:

  • Toys that are rich in textures, shapes, sizes, sounds, weights, and colors can be exciting for infants. For this reason we provide a large variety of manipulative toys to help children gain further knowledge through new experiences.

Physical Development Corner:

  • Babies like to be active and to move whenever they get the chance. As their large muscles grow stronger, they learn to hold up their heads, roll over, reach, sit up, crawl, and walk. They also learn to use their small muscles to grab and let things go, to pick up tiny things with their fingers, to hold things in both hands at the same time, and to get their hands to work together.

Creative Activities:

  • Babies enjoy music, art, and playing with blocks. In this corner children will be able to enjoy these activities throughout their day.